CRIPPA M. & C. s.r.l. started up the business in 1974 as an artisan family owned business.

Right from the very beginning it becomes remarkably productive since it maximizes the organizational time and methods management.

The company’s primary aim has always been the high-quality finish and the fair price-quality ratio. In the 90s the company expands and today it has over 7,000 sq m, of which 2,500 are indoors, of working space.

Metallization, painting and coating plants and systems are constantly renewed in order to achieve and maintain a high quality level of processing.


Each process undergoes accurate and specific checks in each phase of the production cycle as provided for by the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION awarded to the company in 2008 and compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards and requirements.

We have been driven by the credo of values such as:

  1. operate independently, be flexible, work according to professional ethics and sense of responsibility;
  2. be able to innovate, commitment to excellent customer care and support, satisfy the customer’s needs and requests;
  3. pay particular attention to environmental issues and a safe working environment.

Crippa M. & C. s.r.l. owns modern equipment to check the finishes, glossmeter, thickness gauge for dry and damp films, spectrophotometer, scales, digital thermometer, microscope and light booth all certified yearly.

In 2011 the company has installed a photovoltaic system that provides the 35 % of the company’s electricity demand.