The metalizing process takes place at a pressure of 10-4 Torr and basically consists in a vacuum deposition of a layer of aluminium which has a thickness of 220 A. Through this eco-friendly procedure, which minimizes the environmental impact, we achieve a high-quality reflective mirror finish, which according to the needs and /or requirements is first primed and then protected.

This processing is carried out on every type of plastic, (ABS, PS, PC, PP, PE, PMMA, Ultem, Urea, Bakelite, etc.), metals, glass and allows to obtain different colouring from the classic chrome, gold, copper, bronze to any colour on request.

Currently we utilise primers and protective coatings (thermal 1K-2K; UV) which satisfy any aesthetic or functional need.

In order to make sure that high standards are met, in the last decade we have invested a lot in UV technology which ensures high chemical (alcohol, perfumes, detergents, oils, solvents) and mechanical resistance as well as excellent aesthetic qualities.


  • Plasma ionic (pieces cleaning)
    Activation and surface vacuum cleaning. This procedure which is receiving favourable feedback, is being widely acknowledged as a very efficient way to improve adherence during the bonding of complex plastics.
  • Protector (specific protection for car lighting) Vacuum polymerization, transparent organic coating.
Liquid coating

The coating takes place in pressurised, air-conditioned, dehumidified and microfiltered paint booths in order to work in an environment with stable properties and features so that it is not affected by the impact of external factors and as a result is ideal for processing.

The liquid coating is carried out with automatic computer numerical control robots. A specific program is developed for each article or item coated so as to ensure the product highest-quality finish.

The application occurs by means of HVLP, TRANS-TECH and electrostatic spray guns to atomize hot nitrogen.

We work in close collaboration with our paint suppliers’ research centres so as to satisfy the customers’ requests, needs and meet their specifications.

We currently utilise water-based, solvent-based, thermal 1K or 2K, UV pure or dual cure paints with gloss, shine, matt, satin, texture, soft touch, anodised, etc. finish.